Wedding Olympics: London Calling

With the Olympics kicking off in London (home of NYK Wedding) we though you might enjoy some Olympic themed wedding inspiration.

Petal to the Medal!

Use Gold, Silver and Bronze metallic accents in your wedding flowers

Go for the Gold! (and silver and bronze):

Incorporate Gold, Silver and Bronze into your wedding attire.


London Calling:

Can you say Union Jack Photobooth?

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Olympic RINGS!
Choose simple gold bands to pay homage to the games

Go Greek:

Choose a laurel inspired look, like our own Daisy aliceband tiara.
Love from London,

xxNYK Wedding


Friday the Thirteenth Wedding?

Are you getting married today?? Probably not and you’re not alone!  According to The Knot, Friday the 13 sees, on average, 30% fewer brides than regular Fridays during wedding season. Friday the 13th may not to be the optimum day to get married but it is an optimum day to do some serious wedding prep. Check out NYK Wedding for some beautiful pieces.

How about a horse shoe for goodluck??

Remember, Accessorize with Glamour, Accessorize with NYK,


Silver is here!

Here at NYK Wedding we always strive to create beautiful products that provide maximum value for our consumer. That said, we have been hard at work creating many amazing sterling silver pieces.

Made for you, in Wales, by us; these jewels are for brides and bridesmaids alike. Give your girls a gift the can keep forever.

More to come soon,

xxx NYK! Accessorize with Glamour, Accessorize with NYK!