Make A Fashion Statement This Season!

2013 saw jewellery getting bigger and bolder, with designers and brands searching for the perfect accessory. Whilst stacked bracelets and layered necklaces had sartorial staying power, due to their ability to shake up the simplest of outfits, assembling a stylish stack was no easy feat when you consider the various metals, textures and shapes you had to contend with!

trends and fashion for 2014

So it comes as a breath of fresh air, that the jewellery trend this season is heading more in the direction of a one off piece. And in line with this latest hassle-free trend, statement- worthy cuffs have made a comeback. Traditionally worn to complement evening attire, this season there is also a wide range of understated designs on offer, for everyday wear. So no matter whether you are going for effortlessly chic or free spirited bohemian, the cuff is admirably adaptable!


Here at NYK Wedding we just love adding a stylish element to your outfit. So why not head to our website to view our collection of statement jewellery and cuffs…guaranteed to help you look undeniably fabulous!


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