Pearly Queens

You may have noticed a revival of pearls in recent months, largely reinforced by the Great Gatsby trend. Whilst pearls were traditionally worn solely by members of the royal family, now they can be found in many different shapes and price ranges, having thus become a firm favourite with many celebrities and fashionistas.

dcamb copyThe Duchess of Cambridge led the way with a variety of pearl earrings over the last few months, and others shortly followed suit. Amy Willerton was firmly attached to her pearl necklace during her time in the jungle, while Pixie Lott was seen exhibiting South Sea pearl earrings and a matching ring at a fundraiser for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. A-lister JLo also jumped on the bandwagon with a striking pair of cluster pearl earrings.

pearls2 copy

Despite being a firm favourite with brides, pearls can be adapted for a variety of occasions to create a demure feminine look.

Not one to miss out on an accessory must-have, we are stocking up on pearl accessories to add to our winter wardrobe for a royal fashion savvy look! After all, if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton…!


5 Trends for 2012 Brides

By Ben Stansall/Getty Images.

1. The Kate Middleton Effect: 2011 saw the monumental marriage of a royal, Prince William, to Kate Middleton, a commoner. Kate Middleton’s wedding look was a direct nod to Princess Grace of Monaco. So in 2012 we expect to continue feeling ripples of the Kate Middleton Effect; brides will seek out vintage Hollywood glamour, wear gowns with sleeves and perhaps even rock the “scouse brow” like Duchess Kate.

2. Minimalism: At this year’s Spring 2012 US Bridal shows we saw scaled back flowers to place emphasis on opulent fabrics such as satin and velvet. Consider a draped satin canopy sans flowers or velvet table runners.

3. Cake Jewelry: Bejeweled Wedding cakes will take center stage this year. As brides continue to look for new and innovative ways to up their wedding glamour factor, they will seek inspiration from beautiful jewelry. Look for cakes bedecked in pearl dragees and perhaps a tiara topper. For inspiration check out some of NYK Wedding’s jewelry collection:

(click to see entire jewelry collection)

4.Bridal Feathers: We will see a continuation of the fascinator trend launched by the Royal wedding. And we will this feather trend translated into bouquets and centerpieces. We feel that the photo featured below is an elegant way to incorporate feathers without being kitschy.


5. NYK Wedding will be the IT brand of the year: With NYK’s latest collection just around the corner. We can say with confidence that it is going to be a run away success. The collection is perfect of all different types of modern woman. Whether you’re a fashionista, an ingenue, a diva or a duchess; the perfect piece for you resides in the minds and soon in the offices of NYK Wedding.

Allow me to introduce myself

A photo with a friend

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Janet Drob, I live in the DC area with my husband of 4 months, Michael. I am one of the faces behind the scenes here at NYK Wedding. Naomi and company have brought me on as the US Director of Marketing. I bring to the table a keen fashion eye, aggressive work ethic and first hand consumer insight.

Here at NYK we’re all about weddings and love stories, so without further adieux here is my wedding story:

Last November, Michael gave me a piece of his Grandmother’s costume jewelry as a promise ring, and asked me to help him choose my ring. Initially, I wanted a Martin Flyer setting with an asscher stone; but after learning all about the 4 C’s and much encouragement from my friends to choose a nice stone over a fancy setting I ended up picking an oval cut stone in a simple cathedral pave setting from Blue Nile. Because Michael and I had chosen my stone online, each day I checked to make sure that no one had bought the stone. I didn’t know when Michael was planning to purchase the ring or when the actual proposal would come. One day, to my unpleasant surprise, the stone disappeared from Blue Nile’s webpage; I was pretty sour for the next few days.

My actual proposal came on New Year’s Eve 2011. As the clock struck 12, Michael got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I proceeded to cry for an hour before finally getting the word YES out. Several days later we chose September 4, 2011 to be our wedding date and with that the wedding planning marathon began. I had exactly 9 months to pull of my one and only wedding.  My nature is to plan, and I am truly a wedding loving girl. Luckily, aside from family politics and expectations, planning my wedding was a breeze. Everything came together easily. Michael had only one request: Grey Goose Vodka. The rest of the wedding was subject to my prerogative.

I wore a White By Vera Wang dress (specifically this one) for our ceremony/reception and a significantly lighter Badgley Mischka gown to dance in. I wore matching Badgley Mischka shoes and a veil I made myself because I felt no connection to anything on the market (NYK Wedding was not online at the time I was shopping). As far as jewelry, I wore rose gold and platinum earrings given to me by my grandparents, and a rose gold and diamond pendant borrowed from my mother.

For our ceremony I picked loud vibrant flowers in bright purple, magenta and hot pink to match the chapel which we chose. Our reception was opulent, gold chivary chairs with gold table cloths, Ivory draped walls, peach up-lighting, coral roses, butter cream cockscomb and myriad orchids in our floral arrangements and an ivory wedding cake.

This past Labor Day, September 4, I married my best friend. Our wedding was the best party I’ve ever been too, great food, top shelf drinks, and the greatest sense of togetherness amongst our very diverse group of friends and relatives. A vast majority of the people I love in the world, all together in one room, celebrating; I am hard pressed to find anything better.

I am passionate about bringing people together and I hope that all brides, but especially NYK Wedding Brides, have as great of a wedding experience as I did. Through my work with NYK Wedding I look forward to helping brides and grooms access beautiful, refined and unique accessories for their wedding day.

Cheers xx Janet